One Goal

I was listening to a sermon today by our church’s pastor, Doug Bailey. In this sermon, Doug said that when you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, “Why I am here?”, the answer is: to glorify God.

And that’s the title of the sermon: “The Right Goal: to Glorify God.”

That struck me. I’ve heard people say that their goal is to spread the gospel to ask many people as possible, that their goal is to live a righteous life, ect ect.

Just to glorify God. That’s simple, but at least for me, really empowering. Sometimes I feel like my life–the contents of it, the way I spend my time, the way I don’t spend my time–doesn’t measure up to someone’s standard of why I should be getting up in the morning. That I would really be living the Christian life if I took on a ministry project.

Goal for today: glorify God. And guess what? That goal can be manifested in a number of ways. It glorifies God when I treat my husband with kindness. It glorifies God when I hold back my selfish motives and offer something to another person.

I am easily approval driven and feel like I don’t measure up to other people’s standards. But guess what? This is just between me and God. Me, waking up in the morning, and glorifying Him with the life I live.


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