Tuesday morning. 8:50 am. Weather—fair. Sarah—not lost. Yet. (This is a common malady for me, being lost, but I’m sure you’ll hear more of that later)

This morning found me driving to my first BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class for the introductory portion. I’ve been hearing about BSF through various channels and have finally decided that God is definitely leading me to pursuing participating in this class.

When I arrived (early, and I didn’t get lost!), there were tons of women already flooding into Salem Evangelical Church. I affixed a name tag to myself and proceeded to the main sanctuary. I was excited, apprehensive, and I didn’t know anyone. While I waited for things to begin, I had plenty of opportunity for people watching. This particular session was in the morning, only for women, and I was surprised as more and more women arrived.

The lady in charge introduced herself and then started us all off with a song, “How Firm a Foundation.” As the room was filled with the sound of many female voices (at this point I was estimating some 300 women were there), I was struck by the beauty in this room. At least 300 women had taken these two hours out of their day to come, worship God, and learn more about Him. As I looked around the room, all ages were represented.

There is something particularly charming about a woman, her very femininity, yes, something charming in an 80 year old woman. Each woman who came today, whether 20 or 80, had chosen an outfit to wear to this particular event. Something she liked, something pretty, something comfortable. I saw a wide variety of jackets, skirts, pants, and hair styles. Many of these women knew each other. As I watched them greet each other, I saw something visually beautiful about the friendship and love I saw on the faces and in the smiles of these women.

So, as I heard 300+ female voices lifted to worship God, I am sure He was smiling.

After some singing, the ladies who already had assigned groups left, and another lady talked to all us newcomers, told us about BSF, and also explained that due to huge interest in this year’s study of Isaiah, they did not actually have spots for us yet. She said there were about 450 women who had come today. I had already seen enough to know I wanted to be part of this study, so I filled out a registration card.

For the last portion of the morning, one of the gals gave an introductory lecture on Isaiah. She said something that struck me, “An accurate view of God will profoundly transform your life and influence your culture.” To hear this, especially in light of other things I’ve been learning recently, I definitely feel this is the right Bible study for me. So, now I wait for a phone call that will assign me a group.

Tuesday morning. 11:05 am. Sarah—impressed that BSF gets out on time. 11:20 am. Sarah—lost. Why am I in Keizer?

(I did find my way home eventually.)


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