paint and pasta

I had an interesting, relaxing, and yet productive day off. I spent the day with a great friend and we did some talking, some driving, and visited Home Depot.

I’ve decided to paint a couple of the walls in my apartment, to finally commit to where we are living and take the plunge. But, at this stage in my life, $15 for paint is an investment, and putting color on the wall is an emotional investment, so it will be a while yet. I selected this collage of blue shades to choose from and stare at. Choose from Sea Sprite, Tropical Pool, Little Pond, Pale Sky, Morning Breeze, Utah Sky, Waterfall, Clear Blue Sky, or Heavenly Blue. I wonder what the paint chip title writer was thinking to himself; perhaps something like, “Hmm, this color makes me think of….a little pond.” Weird.

My awesome pasta container

My friend Holly and I also paid a visit to World Market. If you’ve never been there, definitely check it out. It reminds me of Trader Joe’s. Today I learned that if you’ve spent at least $10 in a year at World Market, they will give you $10 to spend there on your birthday. Not a bad birthday present for yourself. I was inspired to purchase a storage container for $5, not only a great price for a glass container that actually has an awesome mini chalkboard on it. Since it is glass, you can see for yourself what’s in the container, but just the same, I think the chalk feature is pretty clever.


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