Split Pea Soup

I disliked many foods as a child, but I would have to say split pea soup was definitely at the top of my hate list. My first memory of this food involves little four year old Sarah. My mom made split pea soup for dinner and I did not like it. It was green, slimy, and plain old disgusting. I decided not to finish my dinner. My mom warned me that if I didn’t finish my dinner, it would become my breakfast. I couldn’t believe she would be that cruel, and figured this was an idle threat (I now know my mom does not make idle threats).

Woe is me. What showed up at breakfast the next morning but that half finished, crusty bowl of split pea soup? I think my mom must have felt some sympathy for me and tried to make it slightly more palatable by heating my bowl, but then she put a little milk in it! The only thing worse than split pea soup is reheated split pea soup watered down with milk.

I never doubted my mom again (at least in respect to food threats).

Until about 4 months ago, I haven’t voluntarily touched split pea soup. I actually saw someone else making it, and it didn’t smell too bad so I decided to give it another try. It wasn’t bad! I’m not sure what that means—either my taste buds have matured or been severely dulled. Split pea soup still doesn’t make my gourmet food list, but not a bad for an easy and filling lunch. Also, it happens to be the only thing I know how to make in my crockpot. Note: I would still definitely not eat this for breakfast!


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