salon blue

That would be the color of my living room now. “Salon blue.” Again, what does that mean? That this color has a classy ring to it and could be found in a classy hair salon? Or, that “salon blue” is the hideous and outdated color that a rundown little hair shop decided to slap up on the wall? Not that it really matters–I like how the color looks and have decided that it should now evoke feelings of a warm and welcoming living room (and hallway) and give off an essence of eccentric vintage decor. 😉

So here’s the living room I started with–boring white walls. (I didn’t actually take this picture for this blog, but so I could remember how I had my pictures set up). I knew I was ready to actually put some color on the wall when I started to look at the paint chips taped up and wish that the wall was blue.


poor lighting, glare--isn't that how the pros make the finished product look infinitely better?


Turns out that Walmart sells paint, and it was the right price so I bought that and they even had a painting kit (roller, two roller covers, paintbrush, and pan) for $5. I’ve helped other people paint before, but truth is, I never paid any attention to the details. So I called my mom, and armed with some tips, proceeded!


So pristine and innocent in the can. So drippy and vicious outside.


Once I opened the can, I was surprised at how thick paint is and what a mess it is to pour it into the painting pan! I started with the ceiling and edges and panicked. I think it was a combination of feeling nervous about painting and the weird lighting that afternoon. The blue color did not look at all how I imagined it and was considerably darker. Painting operation paused while I got a comforting pep talk with my mom.

It really surprised me how long everything took. I took a long time with that first coat and thought I was careful, but upon further inspection saw tons of drips and uncovered places. The second coat went on better and I could see that I liked the color at this point. This morning I was so excited to see my walls and they look so good! I even managed to find my nail holes and get the pictures back up. Paint: $15. Painting kit: $5. Time spent: A lot. Neck: hurting. Feeling very clever: priceless.


Finished room! The paint job even inspired me to move the furniture around.



4 thoughts on “salon blue

  1. Nicole says:

    I LOVE the way you arranged the picture frames on the wall! I’d like to try something like that in my home… but I’m not convinced it will look so polished. 🙂 Great job!

  2. raspberrychai says:

    Here’s the secret–I had help! While I was at the craft store buying frames, I asked one of the ladies at the framing counter for some layout suggestions and I used my cell phone to take pictures right then and there.

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