Oh Monday!

It’s Monday. I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. When I was in school I didn’t like Mondays because it meant going back to class. Now though, my longest workday is on Sunday, so I actually really look forward to Mondays. Last night though, I had a terrible dream that it was Monday and everything went wrong. I was horribly late for work, got horribly lost (that seems to be a common theme for me–be it life or a nightmare). Then I woke up. And I was so relieved that it wasn’t all screwed up like in my dream.

So….here’s to Monday! (and Dutch Brothers coffee)

On a side note, I had some delicious bread pudding at the Old Spaghetti Factory on Saturday. I’ve noticed that bread pudding is one of those things that people absolutely wouldn’t touch or absolutely love. What do you think of bread pudding? I’ve also decided that since I love it so much, I would like to learn to make it. Anyone have any good recipes?


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