rest time

Despite my zealous consumption of Walborne (Walgreen’s version of Airborne), I have caught my husband’s cold. 😦 Very sad. I have the worst immune system ever. And I was actually patting myself on the back yesterday morning because he was getting better and I wasn’t sick yet. But alas, I spoke too soon. That in mind, I headed to Walgreens today to get some throat lozenges and they had the deal of all deals. Normally Ricola drops are over $2 a package, but these were only 50 cents a bag!

I was able to attend my first complete BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) session. It was great and a lot of fun meeting the sweet ladies in my group. I’m looking forward to getting to know them. Bonus: my group leader brought a biscotti for everyone and best of all, they were chocolate coated. This probably isn’t what a doctor would recommend but it sure tasted good!


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