it’s been a day

It’s been one of those strange days–with a whole series of good parts and then some bad parts thrown in. But of course, I’m coming to late afternoon and I am under the influence of the bad parts right now. So, I decided to settle down, sip my chamomile tea, and remind myself of the fun parts of my day that inspired me to write something today in the first place.

(In defense of my grumpiness, my morning did start off with a phone call wondering why I was not at my appointment. How did it get to be Thursday?)

I started off my day by picking up a book I am very much looking forward to reading.

We really needed groceries, so I headed to Winco with high aspirations of buying ultra healthy foods. I didn’t do too bad. Sometimes when I get lazy I give up and our cupboard ends up stocked with a lot of pasta and alfredo sauce. Having experienced a delicious debut of these chips at the Nordstrom expresso bar, I bought a bag of Kettle Honey Dijon chips. They are amazing and everyone should try them. I did notice that the bag said “sharing size” on the front. Not likely.

I’ve also been craving hummus lately and I bought some wheat crackers to go with.

Last but not least, I discovered that Winco carries pumpkin spice with their bulk spices for a fraction of the price of buying it in a container. I recently paid Walmart $3 for a pathetic, dinky container of pumpkin spice. I felt pretty smug when I walked away from Winco with far more spice for only 28 cents! So…sorry Walmart….I want my $3 back.

Unfortunately, a side effect of all these errands was that I noticed my brakes were making a horrible noise. And if I managed to notice it, it’s probably pretty bad. And now I am grumpy.

But, this too shall pass. Probably with the assistance of a little money.

Also, who knew Scotch tape was so expensive?? I’m wondering if paying $4 for the tape is what actually made me grumpy. 😉

Anyway, I’m safely back home, the brakes haven’t totally given out yet, and my chamomile tea is calming me down. And a snack: Pamela’s Pumpkin Loaf Cake. Made it for the first time yesterday and it is very good. I just wish it didn’t have that “cake” tacked on the end. I can’t possibly feel virtuous about “cake.” Same thing with cupcakes and muffins. What’s the difference? The difference is you can eat muffins for breakfast and not feel guilty.

Anyway…in case you’re not familiar with Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix, it is a delicious wheat-free, gluten-free baking mix. I’m not intolerant of wheat or gluten, but my sister is which is how we discovered it. As it turns out, I cannot cook pancakes for the life of me. But Pamela can.

Here is the pumpkin loaf recipe. It has a delicious pumpkin flavor and is wonderfully moist.

Pamela’s Pumpkin Loaf Cake

4 TB butter, melted

2 eggs

1 1/3 cups Pamela’s Mix

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup canned pumpkin

½ cup sugar

¼ tsp cloves

½ tsp salt

½ tsp ginger

Yields one 8×4 loaf. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Beat together butter, sugar, egg and pumpkin. Add remaining loaf ingredients and mix completely. Pour into greased loaf pan (note: grease your pan very well. My loaf wanted to stick to the bottom of the pan). Bake for 50-60 minutes.


One thought on “it’s been a day

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    I can relate. I had my crazy day Wednesday and was grumpy. Of course you heard that story first hand. I appreciate you. Yeah, Walmart’s food prices are higher than WinCo’s. I have found that WinCo even does better than Costco on prices.

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