Puddles (the dog)

So today my hubby and I ended up with an unexpected evening to ourselves. What to do? Bowling? No. Double down at KFC? I voted a solid no (that concoction makes me feel guilty). French Press crepes? No. We finally ended up at Walmart looking at the board games. Sometimes I like to spend money on eating out when we can, but truth is, in the end that money just ends up in your stomach. Board games are relatively inexpensive and they never go out of style. Carson decided we should get a favorite from his childhood: Guess Who? We also bought Yahtzee.

"Adult assembly required" I think we've got that

Hubby putting together the Guess Who? boards

This turned out to be a super fun game. You can play with either the “usual suspects”–i.e. people. Or, you can play with the animal characters. Extra bonus, you can print off additional character sheets from their website and get sheets themed for G.I. Joe. But the best part about this game is that I actually won some of the time. If there’s anything you need to know about Carson and I, it’s that he beats me at everything. I’m serious. Strategy games. Video games. Card games. Luck games. He would probably always win at dice. Last year we purchased Boggle. Turns out, Carson is insanely good at Boggle. I’m embarrassed to ask anyone to play it with us because I know he’s just going to beat them. Anyway, I won the first round of Guess Who? using the pet character sheet.

Carson had picked Puddles the dog.


3 thoughts on “Puddles (the dog)

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    You did all that since we were at Carl’s Jr.? Or was this a report of yesterday evening? Carson likes beating everyone at virtually every game ever created. Gotta hate that.

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