I had a clever post lined out for today, but as it turns out, I had a bad reaction to yesterday’s flu shot and basically spent the majority of today sleeping. Yuck. So…since I’m not feeling very clever, the clever post will have to wait.

As you probably know if you are reading this, my husband and I have a cat. While we were dating, after I adamantly refused to welcome any cats into our apartment, my husband (then fiancé) suddenly begged me to reconsider. In a moment of nostalgia while showering one morning, he realized that his cat was getting older and felt he did not want her to spend her last days without him. In a moment of weakness and sympathy, I acquiesced (I was also under the impression that she was practically at death’s door). On one condition. I never wanted to scoop the litter and be responsible for feeding her. To my dear hubby’s credit, he has been true to his word on that count. However, Baldue the cat (cleverly named by Carson’s dad) shows no signs of aging and Clews’ cats tend to live way past their expiration.

I never grew up around cats, much less even held a kitten, so cats are a completely foreign field for me. Baldue received her name from Carson’s dad, a shortened form of “Balance Due.” Baldue is not just any cat, she also happens to have bipolar tendencies. One minute she’s happily purring and the next she has drawn blood from your arm. I have learned a lot about cats since living with Baldue.

They have a very low tolerance for wearing anything. Like a scarf. Now a dog would put up with that. They can be trained, but they regress more quickly than dogs. Baldue also likes to shred things. Like bread. Or bagels. This was a very unpleasant discovery about 2 months into our marriage. Baldue fascinates (and infuriates) me, especially lately.

She thinks that I turn on the space heater for her personal benefit.

We also just got our Christmas tree up and decorated. Isn’t it lovely? I think there’s nothing quite so cozy as a Christmas tree.

Baldue on the other hand, thinks Christmas trees are delicious. I’m not sure what goes through her head, something like, “Skip breakfast! This Christmas tree tastes awesome!”

So, her new favorite pastime is chewing on the tree. The funny thing is, it’s a fake tree, so she’s really chewing on plastic. I never said she was smart.


7 thoughts on “Baldue

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    You make that cat sound like she is pretty cool. Let it be known that she is of of the nastiest vermin I ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Her nickname is PSYCHO–KITTY! That should be a clue about her true nature. I hate that cat.

    • raspberrychai says:

      Don’t worry, I haven’t become Baldue’s best friend. As a matter of fact, just after I wrote this post she promptly slashed me with her claws. I have a bloody groove in my finger to prove it. I’m just restraining myself…for now. 😉

  2. psychokitty grandpa says:

    AH YES!!!! Psychokitty, euphemism BALDUE, is now in the limelight and revealed to all man and woman kind for perusal and evaluation of her unique/interesting/frustrating demeanor. Thank you SARAH for this insightful and vividly accurate synopsis in regard to one of GOD’S most unusual creatures. BI-POLAR indeed!!!!!!!!!!

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