hurricane in December

There isn’t a literal hurricane here, but it seemed fitting for today. I actually packed around my umbrella all morning to try and stay dry, and normally I’m a die hard about that and an umbrella seems like too much fuss. It also seems like the days are 180% full this month and I feel like I got hit by a hurricane. I heard this song on Pandora radio yesterday, and it seemed so fitting.

“Hurricane” by Jimmy Needham


One thought on “hurricane in December

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    I was actually in a gale force storm once. It was no fun at all. I recall having to hang on to anything I could as I tried to walk down the street. Finally, wet, cold, and exhausted from fighting my way though the fierce winds, I got to the building I was trying to get to and went inside where it was nice, warm, and I was able to sit and rest. Oh, and I also had the pleasure of having to pitch a tent in the middle if a blizzard. Oh, what joys the Army life held.

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