Goals and Aspirations

My husband says I have “blogger’s block” and so I do. Or had. Or have. We shall see. This post may be proof that I am still infected with this condition. I am recovering from a cold, if that’s any excuse. And it was just Christmas, let me remind you. And I am playing catch up from being sick, having my sister over for a week, and being sick. I was going to write a witty post called something like “The 12 Days After Christmas,” but I got stuck after “1 leftover pumpkin pie” and skipped right to “12 dozen Kleenexes.”

So anyway, Happy New Year! When I was little, my New Year’s tradition was a special journal entry where I carefully wrote down the age of everyone in my family. I think I was worried I would forget or something. “These are our ages:” I have been a journaler since I was 9 ½ years old (I know because that first journal entry lists my age). Most years I would also make resolutions which usually had to do with reading my Bible more and journaling more. I’m past making resolutions because then I feel guilty for not keeping them, but I don’t mind goals. It’s nice to look back over the last year and see what spiritual and emotional growth I experienced and look forward to what this year will bring.

One goal I have for 2011 is to work out more of a meal plan and make some things ahead. I got a good start on that today…10 lbs of potatoes later. Carson loves mashed potatoes, but it really requires some effort to make them, particularly since I seem to be adept at paring off my finger tips. So today I sat down with the potatoes and actually wore a rubber glove on my left hand to protect it and peeled away. I really do need to invest in a large pot. It’s hard to make 10 lbs of potatoes with a 2 quart pot. It took me two hours, but now I have six 4-cup containers of potatoes in my freezer, ready to go.

Another goal, ask people to take pictures, rather than constantly subjecting Carson to the “self portrait.” These were taken Christmas Eve.

"Family Picture" Baldue the cat disapproves

Carson forgot where the lens is

He likes to goof around because I can't see his expression while I'm taking the picture

I said please


3 thoughts on “Goals and Aspirations

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    Nice post. I think that your illness was “ill timed” Merry Christmas here is a cold? bummer. Funny, I came to AZ and the cold weather from Oregon followed me here. Now it has passed and things are warming up here. I pray you are well; and, that you remain so.

  2. TheSceneFromMe says:

    Ahh, don’t like colds either. I am suffering from one now…and laryngitis.

    Don’t be afraid to ask people to take pictures. I’ve been doing that for a long time now and so glad about it. Offer to take one of them too, then maybe you won’t feel bad for asking them to take on of you too!

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