On “nubby” and other things

Before I got married, I didn’t even know I cared about decorating. Or had a decorating sense. Or even had a sense of anything I liked. Hence, my dorm room was alternately decorated in “random snapshots taped to the wardrobe” and “Disney coloring book pages.” While my other dorm mates schemed and actually had a theme, I just nailed, thumb tacked, and taped stuff willy nilly wherever.

I knew one thing–I really like pictures and picture frames so I knew I could definitely put those up on the wall. As I created our wedding registry, I also found a piece of canvas art I really liked. It was a start. It’s important to note that I helped my mom decorate the house I grew up in, but I always viewed it as a very arduous task. Later I realized this is probably because she actually likes the pictures to be level (who knew?) and that takes time. I usually just eyeball the wall, pick a spot, and pound in the nail (I think I can hear an outcry from all the perfectionists).

As I browsed blogs looking for apartment decorating tips and inspiration, I discovered something about myself. I really like different textures. The way moleskin looks and feels (I used it to make fabric panels for my living room). The way a rug will “warm” up a room. The silky softness of my favorite blue throw. When I’m in a fabric store my fingers can’t help themselves–they want to graze the silkiness, the softness, the nubbiness…

Nubbiness? I haven’t officially accepted this word into my vocabulary. According to an online dictionary, nubby means “covered with small nubs, or lumps; having a rough, knotted surface; nubbly.” I have seen this word used several places—once when referring to a sweater and once referring to a brown blanket.

Anyway, this is a really long way of saying that I really like blankets. And throws. And all the different ways that blankets and throws come.

Like this Grand Chenille Throw from Pottery Barn

Or this Cable Knit Throw from Pottery Barn


2 thoughts on “On “nubby” and other things

  1. Ameena says:

    I am not very good at decorating! I had to sort of wing it after I got married and things slowly came together and look…decent!

    I love Pottery Barn! Their throws are really gorgeous.

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