how much Eyre is too much Eyre?

Right now, I say you can’t have too much Eyre. Or too much air. Ha. I wish you were all familiar with the literary classic, world renowned (I might be stretching now), wonderful, romantic, suspenseful novel called Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte. Charlotte also had a sister who wrote books. What do we learn from the writing of both sisters? [Apparently my memory does not serve me as well as I had hoped. I was thinking of Anne Bronte who wrote The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and skipped over the other sisters. Charlotte had four sisters actually. They both all had too much time to think melancholy thoughts and nothing fun or lighthearted must have ever happened in their lives.

Except for Jane Eyre. It’s a bit of a sober book, but it’s a well rounded novel and just so happens to be my very favorite book in the whole world. My lifetime goal would be to own a beautiful hardback copy of this book. I’m afraid my current copy is a testament to the many times I’ve read it–over 100 times (and I am so not kidding). For years I boycotted any Jane Eyre movie I heard about, for fear it would sully my imagination’s representation of this story. This year I finally buckled. There are many movie versions of this story, but so far I have only seen one version, the 1983 version with Timothy Dalton. I really enjoyed it (far more than I thought I would) and Timothy Dalton truly captured the way I pictured Mr. Rochester. I didn’t really like the actress they chose to play Jane.

All this to say: I am part way through another movie version of Jane Eyre. A review to follow….


5 thoughts on “how much Eyre is too much Eyre?

  1. Paula says:

    “I wish you were all familiar with the literary classic…” Wow. What makes you think you’re the only one in knowledge of this book? Also, Charlotte Brontë had four sisters, two of whom (Emily and Ann) were also writers. Please, do a little research before you start spreading information.

  2. Lauren East says:

    Hey Sarah! Just stumbled across your blog, I think we have “Eyre” love in common! Except, I really really really loved Charlotte Brontë’s other books as well. You should definitely look into “Villet” and “Shirley”, I think “Villet” was my all time favorite, even over “Jane Eyre”!

    Yeah, the other Brontë sisters were more depressing ( I actually haven’t read “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” though) – “Wuthering Heights” was interesting, but not exactly favorite book material! The end was really phenomenal though…

    I’ve only seen one, maybe two, movie adaptions, and it was quite some time ago! The one with Ciarán Hinds stood out to me – but I can’t remember how faithful it was to the plot! Now I want to go watch “Jane Eyre”…

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