This and That and Whatnot

It’s just an odds and ends day, especially since I ran a whole mess of errands today. Joann Fabrics was having a huge sale and I got some awesome coupons in the mail so I headed there to check it out.

I finally figured out why my parents used cloth napkins all those years. It’s because it really adds up to use paper all the time. !! News flash to Sarah…since this discovery, I’ve been thinking about getting some cloth napkins. Then it occurred to me that I could make them myself (probably the easiest sewing project I’ll ever do). Thus, today I came away from Joann’s with ¾ yard of this fabric for only $2.62.

Normally I avoid impulse buys, but I couldn’t resist this adorable photo box. I use these boxes to store my cards. I keep almost every card/letter I get, so my boxes fill up quickly.

Growing up, we used pure maple syrup to accompany our pancakes. I had no idea what a privilege this was until I started buying my own syrup and saw the difference. I swear that Mrs. Butterworths is just straight water and cornstarch with caramel flavoring. Yet at the store today, I could not bring myself to blow spend $20 on syrup and blow 1/7 of my food budget. I think I got a few strange looks as I stood in the Winco syrup aisle, hefting each bottle of syrup and tipping it upside down to see how quick the bubbles rose to the surface. My theory: the faster the bubbles rise, the thinner the syrup is, therefore, the better. I finally landed on this alternative.

It’s not bad. It’s maple flavor, so obviously it lacks the glory of the real thing, but it wasn’t too strong and too thick.

That’s all for now—I’m off to sew napkins.


2 thoughts on “This and That and Whatnot

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    Your story is nice, but I hate sugar-free syrup. I remember my mother slicing an apple int really thin slices and putting a little vanilla in the batter. The pancakes had a sweet flavor. Sometimes, I ate them with butter instead of syrup. My siblings and I loved mom’s apple pancakes. I had not thought much about cloth napkins. Nice material.

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