Carnivores and Wheat Eaters

That’s us. Me and my husband. We’re hopeless. I know this for a fact because of a recent conversation. In the blogging world I’ve noticed a ton of discussion and posting on gluten-free and vegetarian diets/meal plans. One of my favorite bloggers lives on plant-based foods only (that’s not the reason she’s my favorite). If you like snarky mom humor with a focus on meal planning and feeding her kids, you will like Sarah @ Peas and Thank You. She has a knack for making vegan eating actually look fun, even if I know I could never eat only plant-based foods. Sarah is married with two small children and I continue to be amazed at the recipes she posts and that her husband will eat them!

On a whim, I asked my husband this question, “Hypothetically, would you ever be willing to eat only vegan and gluten-free foods?”

He whipped back a question, “For how long?”

“Permanently. For life.”

He looked at me like I was slightly demented. “If you did that, I would just always eat McDonalds whenever I was out.”

Okaaaay. No surprise there.

On that note…I’m off to make some meatloaf.



One thought on “Carnivores and Wheat Eaters

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    That’s the guy I know. Not only a carnivore but a junk food junkie. I of course had a steak at Men’s Steak Nite this evening. If God wanted me to eay only plant-based food my entire life he would have made me a horse. Ha Ha. I wonder if the vegan lady uses eggs in her recipes.

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