Japanese Garden Adventure

It is a rare occasion indeed when my husband and I have both the time and money to go anywhere outside Salem for fun. We had enough extra gas money in our budget to fit in a trip to Portland. I had also discovered that today, Presidents’ Day, is free admission day at the Portland Japanese Gardens. What a gorgeous day to be out, albeit a bit chilly!

I conveniently forgot that none of the Japanese maples would have any foliage…since you know, it’s STILL WINTER.

There were still fun things to look at, although none of them were in bloom. Like this bamboo water spout.

Hubby couldn’t resist a karate pose in the Sand and Stone Garden.

I really enjoyed looking at the stone artwork scattered through the five gardens.

At one point I wanted a photo of the two of us (not another self-portrait), so Carson asked, “Do you want me to ask someone to take one?” I said “sure” because I imagined he would quietly ask a kind-looking person to take the picture for us.

Subtle wouldn’t be the word for what happened next.

Carson (loudly): “DOES ANY RANDOM STRANGER WANT TO TAKE OUR PICTURE??”(It really was that loud)

I thought that would surely have scared everyone away, but someone did take our picture. Thanks, random stranger.

The ride back was lovely, with big, fluffy, white clouds.

The Japanese Gardens are definitely on my list to revisit in the summer when everything is in bloom. And when it’s not Presidents’ Day and everyone and everyone’s screaming children aren’t there (which did lead us into a 1 hour discussion on training children).

Have you ever been to the Japanese Gardens in Portland?


4 thoughts on “Japanese Garden Adventure

  1. Michael Fritz says:

    It looks like you two had a nice day. I like the pictures. I can see Carson yelling for a random stranger. He never has been shy.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think Craig and I have photos of us in the same spot (though one at a time, no random strangers helping, darn!). It really is neat in the summer, do go back sometime!

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