Eclectic Grunge

My “long” absence can be attributed to the following: (a) my mom visiting for four days and (b) losing my inspiration to the stress of taxes. I won’t say anything else about the latter. Naturally, my mom’s visit was too short, but we crammed a ton of activities into four days. If only I’d known that I would get joy out of life as an adult by: coupon clipping (we actually spent hours doing this), getting ridiculously good deals at Walgreens, running around thrift stores to buy old kitchen gadgets, more shopping and getting good deals…

The old kitchen gadgets were for Mission: Redecorate Sarah’s Kitchen. We didn’t really have a lot to work with in the first place. Old 70’s brown cupboards (I am not being kind. They are ugly). Florescent kitchen lighting (also ugly and any pictures taken in said kitchen make one look slightly jaundiced).

Here’s our “before” picture.

After we acquired the kitchen gadgets, primer, and spray paint (orange), we started everything off with a nice coat of primer. It went on beautifully.

We followed that with a coat of orange spray paint, which did not go on so beautifully. Five coats later, we said “done.” My mom originally saw this idea in a magazine, where the kitchen items were painted white. Naturally, white would have been incredibly boring, and I’m on a mission to incorporate more orange into my apartment, so I chose orange. An effect we didn’t anticipate is how industrial the color orange on metal tends to look. I’ve dubbed this look “eclectic grunge.” No “country chic” for this girl.

Something was still missing. Something that said, “This is not a garage.” I had a scrap of fabric sitting around (I ordered it online last year and I LOVE it) and we created this:

This framed piece made it obvious that all this kitchen needed was a couple more feminine touches (I still have to come up with this part.)

What DIY decorating projects have you tried?


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