In my old age…

I know, I know. I’m just a baby. I know you baby boomers are all laughing up your sleeve at me. What does she know about old age? Well, let me just say that 24 feels a lot different from 17. Never thought I would be saying that.

Signs that I’m headed rapidly toward retirement (please don’t take me too seriously):

1) I place a hand on my knee to push off when I get up off the floor. I’m feeling a little less elastic these days.

2) I now have to pull out my library card every time I log into my online account. No joke–I used to have three 14-digit library card numbers memorized for easy access: mine, my mom’s, and my sister’s. Now? I can’t even remember the 9-digits it takes to log in online.

3) I really do feel like a cup of coffee or something hot in the morning helps me get started. I didn’t used to care. College? I thrived on getting up 5 minutes before class, and pulling my sweatshirt hood over my hair to hide the bedhead. I didn’t eat or drink anything before leaving.

4) On the positive side of things, I actually take the time to savor books. Something about always being in school causes you to become an expert at scanning and speed reading. I’m still a fast reader, but I’m finding I only need to check out two books from the library instead of twenty.

5) I almost always wear sensible shoes. Not that I used to run around in heels. But I take my shoes pretty seriously these days due to my plantar fasciitis.

Okay. That’s all I think of for now. You can all proceed to mock me now…;)


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