on joining the DIY cult

Which is otherwise known as Etsy. I’ve joined the masses–on trial at least. I’ve enjoyed looking at a few Etsy shops recently, and finally decided to create my own shop as an experiment. My experiment was primarily motivated by my desire to find a home for this darling elephant. And yes, this post really is bordering on shameless self-promotion. 🙂

For those of you who are familiar with Etsy, I have a couple questions and I would love to hear from you!

1) If you sell things on Etsy, how successful have you been?

2) Have you purchased items on Etsy? How did you feel about your experience?


2 thoughts on “on joining the DIY cult

  1. Tricia Wattenburger says:

    I’ve only sold one thing so far, and it seems like it really does take a lot of self-promotion, putting yourself out there, and getting word out to other people than just those you know well.

    I have purchased a couple of items from Etsy, and I really like it. I’ve bought e-patterns and cards and it’s nice to get the documents emailed to me pretty much right away. 🙂

    Good luck! I hope you’re successful on Etsy!

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