All the rest

…of my beach pictures! I decided to make this post the catch-all and finish up with my pictures. First up (drumroll please)…..

…stuff I would definitely put in my apartment!

These vases are actually all connected

I also have a bit of an obsession with orange (for decor only though, I can’t wear this color). You can read about my latest project here. Based on that project, you can only imagine my delight to see this birdhouse…in orange!

I have this goal to never have my decorating look like it all came from Target. But of course, I have to copy somebody, in my case, preferably someone obscure. Hence, my hesitation with a birdhouse (which is a bit of cliche right now)…you can read more about that here .

I’m attracted to clocks and this one had a different flair to it.

It was labeled "birdcage clock"

One of the shops we went into was not an antique store, and toward the back was a children’s section. I saw these “World of Thanks” thank you cards for children. What a fun way to teach children about being grateful!

Last, but not least, I had to take a picture of the meal board I left for my husband.

The gray dry erase marker is his writing



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