Coldstone Compatibility

I consider my husband and I to be particularly “compatible.” The phrase “opposites attract” doesn’t really apply to us. As we look at other couples, we feel that we tend to have more in common than the average couple–except when it comes to ice cream. I was craving chocolate the other day and was leaning toward a chocolate ice cream from Winco. I do try to get something we would both enjoy, but all my husband wanted was fruity flavors. I finally said, “We’re really not compatible when it comes to ice cream!”

We were driving when I said this and suddenly he switches lanes and drives right past Winco. “We are too!” he said as he bought us some ice cream to share. Turns out I had forgotten how much I like the Cheesecake Fantasy from Coldstone.

Cheesecake Fantasy


This delicious blend of graham crackers, strawberries, blueberries, and cheesecake ice cream definitely chased off my chocolate blues (well, and it came in a chocolate covered waffle bowl). Apparently, it chases off incompatibility as well. 🙂


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