On Growing Up and Settling Down

“Settling down” almost seems like a bad word. Like once you start on that path, your life will lack adventure. Hubby and I spent last weekend at my parents’ lake house in Washington. Now that my three sisters are all well into their teen years, the house is filled with energy, excitement and giggling. It’s definitely fun to watch, but I found myself feeling tired very quickly. What has happened to me? Have I become boring?

When I was a little girl (around 8 yrs old), I remember one evening we had a babysitter come over. My sisters and I demanded that our babysitter play house with us, a pasttime that involved eating imaginary food and pretending to be an imaginary family. The sitter looked at us wistfully and said, “I can’t really play that anymore.” I was appalled. Horrified. What kind of jaded world was this where you forgot how to PLAY?  I promised myself that I would never get that way.

16 years later…I don’t “play” house. I live in a small, two bedroom apartment, and keeping it up is what I do with much of my time. And you know what? It’s actually fun. This is the “real thing.” I actually take joy in deep cleaning behind the oven (for the first time in 2 years).

I’ll end with this. As I’ve grown up and settled down, I’m finding it doesn’t take much to make me happy. It could be a really good sale on Lysol wipes, the smell of clean sheets on laundry day, or just knowing that someone could pull out my oven, look behind it, and find that it is spotless.


Refrigerator Wisdom

This stressful week has focused my attention on a 3×5 card on my refrigerator. On this card I wrote an abbreviated version of a section in Elisabeth Elliot’s book “Be Still My Soul.” This section in the book is her response to those struggling with faith in God when facing “hard-to-accept” problems.

I titled my card:

“In Acceptance Lieth Peace”

1) Choose your attitude

2) Choose to offer your pain to God

3) Choose to receive what God has given with open hands

4) Choose to renew your commitment to Him

5) Choose to praise Him as Habukkuk did

6) Choose to do the next thing

Some Things in Life are Free

Really. Unless you REALLY hate filling out surveys. As it turns out, I like filling out surveys. In some weird way, it meets my emotional need to have someone care what I think. Even if that someone is a market researcher from a toilet paper company. Someone needs to give them the low down on toilet paper! My drive to fill out surveys reminds me of when I used to donate blood in college. The actual donating wasn’t very fun (especially the getting stabbed in the arm with a needle the size of a knitting needle), but the fact that for about 30 minutes I had someone’s undivided attention and care was pretty cool. Same thing with the dentist–I hate going, but I like being taken care of.

Now that I’ve completely sidetracked…back to surveys. I have two main sites where I like to complete surveys. The one I’m highlighting today is Synovate Global Opinion Panels. One of the things they tell you when you become a member is that you may have the opportunity to test a product. When I first signed up, I thought it was a long shot. I have probably completed less than 15 surveys with Synovate, and I have already received two product testing opportunities (and I have another on its way). I am loving it! They ship you a product that is not on the market yet. They include instructions for use/consumption (depending what it is), and in a week or two, they will send you a survey to fill out about the product they sent you. They do require that you keep the product confidential, which is why I can’t share what I’ve been testing. 😦

Happy surveying!

Thought for Tuesday

Today, I was listening to a recording of a speaker from a women’s retreat. She was talking about “righteous acts” and the Christian walk, and she said something that summarized (in a few words) the main gist of what I’ve been learning this year.

“You’re valuable. Period. And out of that value you act.”

What does the above quote mean to you?

A Housewifey Day

I just felt “housewifey” today and had to share. Since I spent last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday laid up with a migraine, none of the housework or laundry got done. I rested Sunday since I was feeling a little better, and then today, rolled up my sleeves and got to work. The Housewifey Successes of today:

  • Went to Office Depot because of a coupon deal I had read about, and actually scored these cool labels for FREE!

  • Made a trip to Fred Meyer with a coupon, got a great deal from their 40% clothing clearance AND scored 4 bags of Tillamook Cheese ($1 each).
  • Ran into Winco for a couple things. Got home to realize my cinnamon got rung up as bacon bits. I think I got a good deal on that cinnamon bacon bits.
  • Dusted and cleaned the floors! (very important because Baldue the cat leaves behind a heinous amount of cat hair in the summer) It’s amazing what a difference that small amount of cleaning makes.
  • Now I’m going to take a nap. And hey, I don’t even need a coupon–it’s free!