Book Review: Night Road by Kristin Hannah

One of the reasons I have not reviewed a book by Kristin Hannah before now is because I’ve felt a little on the fence about her writing. Her books are secular novels, often centered around major life events/traumas. She is truly a fantastic storyteller. My main reservation about her writing is the worldview from which she writes. Although the stories she writes are gripping, the characters often stand on shaky moral ground. For these reasons, I would not recommend all of her books.

Hannah’s book, Night Road, stands out to me in a special way. Hannah’s story brings together an unlikely grouping—one functional, happy, upper-middle class family (The Farraday family), and a lonely, forgotten, teenage girl (Lexi) who has gone from one foster home to the next. Lexi grows extremely close to the Farraday family, and they enfold her in the warmth of their home and lives. Several years later, one fateful night on Night Road changes their lives forever. Kristin Hannah hones in on the emotions that follow a tragedy, and the journey toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

One thing I love about Kristin Hannah’s writing style is her ability to depict sincere emotions in her characters. In Night Road, she seems to know perfectly the obstacles to forgiveness, and for the angry, the desire for justice. The best thing about this story is that in the end, grace and forgiveness trump “justice” and vengeance.

I would definitely recommend this book. Two quick notes before I close. I could not help feeling as I read this book the distinct lack of Jesus’ healing power. Also, be aware that this book contains some sexual content.


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