Getting A Great Deal

…out of life!

Well, this post is actually more about getting a great deal with your money. Just thought I would share a few sites with some great deals to check out.

Click on my referral link to sign up. Groupon features a daily deal (must be purchased that day) on anything from clothing to coffee. They have also recently added a Groupon Now! feature (not available in all cities yet) so that you are not limited to the featured deal of the day.


Click this link to view Target’s deal of the day. Again, the deal must be purchased the same day it is featured. I have seen some really great sales on this site. Even better, free shipping comes with these daily deals.

Frugal Living NW

This site has a regular feed that includes links to free samples, links to printable coupons, and posts about the best deals at the main grocery stores.

Money Saving Mom

This site features the author’s video tips on budgeting, as well as links to coupons, samples, deals, etc.

This site does not include every restaurant in any city, but you do get a wide variety of options and they often have a deal for 80% off. Be aware of the fine print: required gratuity and required minimum purchase at some restaurants.




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