A Love Affair With Orange

For a long time, I felt that pink was my favorite color and “girly” was my decorating bent. When I was a little girl, I always imagined decorating my bedroom in a light, springy, lacy fashion with either pink or purple as the main color. When I attended college, I decided I had no knack for decorating at all, and thus succumbed to pinning Disney coloring book pages on the wall and stringing up bare 4×6 photos on a ribbon for display (sorry roommates!).

Then I got married. And had a little time on my hands. And read a few blogs. And learned a few things about myself. It all started with a blog called “How About Orange“. As the blog’s author, Jessica, shared her passion for all things orange, I found myself also falling in love with this color. I started out with an orange fabric panel.

Looks good? This is a very classy decorating project where I used packing tape to stick it to a random board.

I liked the fabric so much I made pillowcases out of it.

Then, this last spring my mom came for a visit and we did an orange, spray painting project for my kitchen.

My first adventure with Mod Podge resulted in this lovely orange tin (functional use yet to be determined).

Unfortunately, the Modge Podging of the tin resulted in the lid not fitting.

And finally, my sister brought me this adorable, little, orange pot.

Consider a little orange in your life. Maybe it’s the new black (yeah, I just made that up).



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