5 Reasons Why I Would Be a Terrible Health Food Blogger

5 Reasons Why I Would Be a Terrible Health Food Blogger

1. The lighting in my apartment is terrible for food photography. It is always too dark and kind of yellow.

2. My husband wouldn’t eat anything I would make. He’s a mac ‘n’ cheese/Top Ramen/Instant Lunch kind of guy. To anyone whose husband will eat beans, peas, pork, or black olives, lucky, lucky you.

3. I only care about what’s in my food some of the time. One day I can be appalled at the long list of ingredients in Totinoes’ Pizza, or heaven forbid, the HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP that’s in…well, basically everything. The next day (like today), I decide that I really want a cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows on top (and corn syrup is probably all it’s made of anyway).

4. I can’t invent recipes for the life of me. I usually end up rotating around the same 15 recipes. Meatloaf, lasagna, pasta salad, tacos, meatloaf, lasagna…rinse and repeat. You get the picture.

5. I could never take pictures of the inside of my fridge because it’s not filled with organic almond milk, Greek yogurt, or quinoa. I don’t have children, but it sure looks like I do because my fridge is filled with string cheese and Gogurt.


7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Would Be a Terrible Health Food Blogger

  1. Shawnee@ The Ex-Perfectionist says:

    It took me nearly 6 years to get my husband to switch to whole wheat bread (now that I’m gluten free). Now he will occasionally eat beans, stir fry, and lots of “healthy” meals I make. He also decided he loves sweet potatos (not a fan of regular potatos). It may take some years, but your man will come around. 😀

  2. Angela says:

    This made me laugh. I will add to my list of reasons of why I want to live in Salem: to give Sarah someone to cook for. We love fancy cooking!

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