The Story of How I Used to Be a Procrastinator

Hi. My name is Sarah. I used to be a procrastinator.

The problem is, I’m just a little afraid I’m relapsing. Summer seems to do this to me. Actually, heat seems to do this to me. By procrastinating, I mean those high school days when I waited until the last second (read: the bitter end) to write that 5 page essay that required research and a trip to the library. I guess somewhere between then and college I wised up a bit. I wrote an end-of-term book report the first week of school so that I could gloat while the other poor procrastinators whined about how they hadn’t written the paper. To some degree, I’ve turned into a “do it now” girl.

For example:

-If I’ve decided I want to rearrange my bedroom, I don’t ponder or choose a good time to do it. No, I decide to choose an 85 degree day when I’m already tired to get it done.

-If I want to make chocolate chip cookies, I don’t think, “Oh, I’ll wait till my next grocery trip and get the ingredients.” Oh no, this girl stops everything to run into Winco for sugar and chocolate chips.

-If I decide to work on a sewing project, but in the middle find that I don’t have the right color thread, I don’t wait till the next time I run errands. Oh no, everything stops so I can get in the car and go get the thread.

Summer, however, really puts a kink in my plans. For example, today I discovered I lacked the garlic I need for the soup I was making. Normally, I probably would have stopped, run into the store, and grabbed a head of garlic. But not today. It is just too hot. I keep thinking of all the things I should do, but I just don’t have the energy for.

Here’s a few of the things I’m avoiding (read: procrastinating):

-scrapbooking (and I love scrapbooking, but not in the heat)

-cleaning (please don’t come over, you might kick up tufts of cat hair)

-my sewing project (because I can’t stand the thought of hunching over the sewing machine in this heat)

-cleaning out the spare room (I never open the window in there. It’s hot. Enough said.)

What I’m doing instead:

-reading blogs…and the archives…years back

-watching Redbox movies

-reading a million books (maybe not a million, but come find me at Goodreads)

-checking facebook. Again. Oh wait, I would do that anyway.

-checking Rotten Tomatoes to see what movies are coming out

-making soup (because I couldn’t think of any better way to spend a hot day) 😉

So, at least as long as this heat lasts, it’s Return of the Procrastinator.


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