Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Four years ago today, I attended a birthday party for this weird guy, Carson. Little did I know, I would marry him a couple years later. Carson is my best friend and I’m so glad God made him to be my husband. Here are 5 awesome things about my hubby:

1) He is nice to everybody. This is one of the first things I noticed (and appreciated) about him. He is always kind and friendly to everyone, regardless of what “group” they belong to. He never treats someone like a lesser person.

2) He lets me have my bad moods. When I’m sad or grumpy, he doesn’t run in and try and fix things. Instead, he provides a shoulder to cry on if I want to, and the space/time for me to work things out on my own.

3) Following Jesus is a huge priority in his life. I’m counting on God, not us, to keep our marriage healthy. I know we have the ability to stay together because Carson follows Christ.

4) He has a young soul. He humors me in ways no one else would. E.g. making up a story just for me before bed just because I asked. We laugh together, enjoy being silly together, and play games together.

5) He is one of the most patient people I know. He doesn’t snap at people who are being annoying, he doesn’t get mad at me when I make mistakes, and he patiently listens to stories that I’m sure I’ve told him 50 times already.

Happy 26th Birthday, Hubby!



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