Being Sick at 24 vs. Being Sick at 10

When I was 10, getting sick meant…

  • getting off of my chores
  • pulling out a “sick kit” I had put together that had fun pages to color and games to play.
  • Mom would make me Mrs. Grass’s chicken noodle soup.
  • Mom would make me get extra rest.
  • A nice fire roaring in the woodstove to keep my warm.
  • No one expected me to do anything but lie down and rest.
  • Downing cough syrup and lozenges to keep myself comfortable.
  • Filling out “Mad Libs” sheets
  • Mommy was right there to make everything all better.


Now, at 24, getting sick means…

  • the chores are inevitably postponed. It just means I’ll have to do them all in a few days.
  • Deciding that the library book that looked lame earlier suddenly appears to be the most interesting thing in the apartment.
  • I have nothing easy to prepare in the cupboard so I decide to go hungry instead.
  • I would kill to just be able to go to sleep.
  • A nice space heater that I’m huddled over trying to stay warm.
  • Calling in sick to work, and then spending the next couple hours calculating how much this being sick business is costing me in lost wages.
  • Pacing myself on the cough syrup and lozenges so we can make it until next month’s paycheck.
  • Researching our health insurance provisions and possible providers.
  • All I can think is, “I want my mommy!!!!”

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