Desperate Pregnant Girl Coming Through

My first trimester of pregnancy, I really didn’t have very many cravings. More like, a long long loooong list of things I now anti-craved. Today was definitely a classic pregnant day in the cravings department.

I went on a quick grocery store run so I could make a quiche. Part of my new grocery store routine is to reward myself for making it through the shopping by getting a piece of fried chicken while I’m at the store. After I made it home, I snarfed down a delicious piece of fried chicken (Winco does a pretty good job).

I also discovered last weekend that Roths has some amazing Blue Jay oranges on sale. A couple hours after my fried chicken escapade, I found myself wishing for a million of those amazing oranges. I only had a dollar in my pocket (enough to buy one!) so I drove to Roths just for that one scrumptious orange. So good!

Nom nom

I’ve really been wanting some baby dill pickles, and especially after I clipped a pickle coupon today, I couldn’t stop thinking about pickles! My mouth was literally watering just thinking about them. I’m also a bit of a pickle snob–I will only eat Nalley baby dill pickles. So after work I stopped at Winco (again!) and got myself some pickles. I just really didn’t expect these cravings to be so intense, and so in the moment. As in, right this moment, I would fight someone for a bag of Blue Jay oranges. Mmmmmmm.


Goodbye First Trimester—I Shall Not Miss You

Week 13 of being pregnant brought a welcome, although somewhat unexpected change. It was as if someone flipped a switch and I suddenly became myself again. As I’m now in week 14, in the second trimester, I’m finally feeling tons better (not without some nausea) and suddenly realizing, “Hey! I’m going to have a baby!”

I created a system a few weeks ago to track how I was doing. Sad face on the calendar for bad days, smiley face for good days. And then last week…a long streak of smiley faces. After losing the ability to do a lot of things, small things seem like huge victories. Today I made banana bread!!! Yesterday I made dinner!!! What mountain shall I climb next?? Cleaning the bathroom!

Two things I am most excited about are: finding out the gender of our baby (hopefully in the next 3 weeks or so), and getting the baby room dejunked and decorated. For the last three months while I’ve been kneeling over the toilet and giving the world a dirty look, I’ve been casting junk randomly into the baby room and quickly shutting the door. Come to find out…we can barely open that door now. 😦 I don’t plan on going overboard decorating the baby room, but I am thrilled about the theme: Babar the elephant. If you’re not familiar with the Babar children’s books, you should definitely check one out at the library.

10 Random Things

1. Pregnancy has heightened my awareness in many delightful ways, in particular, fast food ads. In particular, Wendy’s fast food ads. Who makes those ads????? I have never seen anything so revolting. I literally have to look away and turn the volume down.

2. I never realized how much people talk about food. They post about food on their blogs, on their facebooks. I have to eat, but I hate seeing all that food. Bleh.

3. Two months of being stranded on the couch due to nausea causes me to feel winded just walking to get the mail. Sad.

4. I like to think of myself as someone who is on top of things. I don’t forget things; I’m organized. Being pregnant makes me feel like I’m walking around in a fog half the time. What did that person say to me? I actually forgot where I put the wrapped Christmas gifts. Good thing I found them in time!

5. You thought your house was messy before? Try getting pregnant. You will reach a whole new level of dirty.

6. Pregnancy has become my (valid) excuse for everything. One glare at the husband and a firm, “I’m carrying your child.”

7. Your own body fluids seem to increase in an effort to prepare you for a poopy, spitty baby. Frequent urination and semifrequent puking.

8. My husband is far sweeter to me than I deserve. I don’t think I would be so nice to me.

9. One happy craving is that I’ve been enjoying Starburst candies. Who knew? I think it must be the citrus flavor.

10. A long car ride is a good reminder of just how sweet my husband is. I kept having hot and cold flashes and asking him to change the temperature every 5 minutes (I am not exaggerating).

10 Ways Pregnancy Prepares You For a Baby/Toddler

  1. You now cut your food into tiny pieces to avoid gagging (or throwing up).
  2. You need to eat every 1-2 hours.
  3. Your own digestive problems (caused by pregnancy) make you sympathetic to colic or gas in babies.
  4. You find yourself crying a lot.
  5. You find yourself eating a lot of “kid friendly” snack foods to help with nausea: apples with PB, nuts, bananas, yogurt, string cheese.
  6. You are tired constantly and take frequent naps. Upon waking, you need to eat immediately.
  7. You feel like the world’s pickiest eater.
  8. You’re constantly outgrowing your clothes.
  9. All you do is sleep, eat, sleep, eat.
  10. You find yourself crying for no reason at all.

Just Keep Swimming

Dory’s chant from “Finding Nemo” keeps going through my head, “Just keep swimming, just keeping swimming.” And this time, it’s not just the stress of life, or sheer busyness. I’m pregnant! Baby is due July 17, and so far is making mommy’s life a ton of fun. :/

Before getting pregnant, I had visions of the perfect pregnant woman I would be.

Vision: I will keep exercising and maybe even do some light running!

Reality: I am too sick to even take a walk.

Vision: I will eat healthy, balanced meals and not gain excess weight.

Reality: I will eat whatever I can stomach (which I will say, has not been excessively unhealthy things).

Vision: I will feel so happy and glowing that my emotions will ride me through whatever nausea and morning sickness come my way.

Reality: I am thrilled to be having a baby. I am not enjoying being pregnant.

Being pregnant has been one of the most humbling things I have ever gone through. I am used to being self-sufficient and hard working. I do the grocery shopping and cooking. When there is a huge list of chores, I decide to barrel through and do them all in the same day. I get errands done as quickly as possible.

Now…I can barely stand to do the grocery shopping myself. I can barely cook a thing. We’ve been eating a lot of frozen meals. I can’t even manage to stay on top of the dishes, much less keep the house clean or the laundry done. It makes me feel so helpless! I’ve become so dependent on my poor, hardworking hubby.

The biggest thing I’ve learned to date is to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time. I have to cut myself some slack and turn a blind eye to the fact that my house is turning into a horrible mess and that I just keep shoving stuff in the soon to be “baby room.” That has included blogging! I’ll admit though, the only thing I feel like blogging about is pregnancy and babies. 🙂

More to come! I’m going to go “swim” myself to a snack.