10 Random Things

1. Pregnancy has heightened my awareness in many delightful ways, in particular, fast food ads. In particular, Wendy’s fast food ads. Who makes those ads????? I have never seen anything so revolting. I literally have to look away and turn the volume down.

2. I never realized how much people talk about food. They post about food on their blogs, on their facebooks. I have to eat, but I hate seeing all that food. Bleh.

3. Two months of being stranded on the couch due to nausea causes me to feel winded just walking to get the mail. Sad.

4. I like to think of myself as someone who is on top of things. I don’t forget things; I’m organized. Being pregnant makes me feel like I’m walking around in a fog half the time. What did that person say to me? I actually forgot where I put the wrapped Christmas gifts. Good thing I found them in time!

5. You thought your house was messy before? Try getting pregnant. You will reach a whole new level of dirty.

6. Pregnancy has become my (valid) excuse for everything. One glare at the husband and a firm, “I’m carrying your child.”

7. Your own body fluids seem to increase in an effort to prepare you for a poopy, spitty baby. Frequent urination and semifrequent puking.

8. My husband is far sweeter to me than I deserve. I don’t think I would be so nice to me.

9. One happy craving is that I’ve been enjoying Starburst candies. Who knew? I think it must be the citrus flavor.

10. A long car ride is a good reminder of just how sweet my husband is. I kept having hot and cold flashes and asking him to change the temperature every 5 minutes (I am not exaggerating).


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