Goodbye First Trimester—I Shall Not Miss You

Week 13 of being pregnant brought a welcome, although somewhat unexpected change. It was as if someone flipped a switch and I suddenly became myself again. As I’m now in week 14, in the second trimester, I’m finally feeling tons better (not without some nausea) and suddenly realizing, “Hey! I’m going to have a baby!”

I created a system a few weeks ago to track how I was doing. Sad face on the calendar for bad days, smiley face for good days. And then last week…a long streak of smiley faces. After losing the ability to do a lot of things, small things seem like huge victories. Today I made banana bread!!! Yesterday I made dinner!!! What mountain shall I climb next?? Cleaning the bathroom!

Two things I am most excited about are: finding out the gender of our baby (hopefully in the next 3 weeks or so), and getting the baby room dejunked and decorated. For the last three months while I’ve been kneeling over the toilet and giving the world a dirty look, I’ve been casting junk randomly into the baby room and quickly shutting the door. Come to find out…we can barely open that door now. 😦 I don’t plan on going overboard decorating the baby room, but I am thrilled about the theme: Babar the elephant. If you’re not familiar with the Babar children’s books, you should definitely check one out at the library.


One thought on “Goodbye First Trimester—I Shall Not Miss You

  1. Nicole says:

    Loved Babar growing up!! 🙂 I’m so enjoying these posts on all your experiences being pregnant. You have a great sense of humor, even despite the fact that you’ve been feeling so sick!

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