Desperate Pregnant Girl Coming Through

My first trimester of pregnancy, I really didn’t have very many cravings. More like, a long long loooong list of things I now anti-craved. Today was definitely a classic pregnant day in the cravings department.

I went on a quick grocery store run so I could make a quiche. Part of my new grocery store routine is to reward myself for making it through the shopping by getting a piece of fried chicken while I’m at the store. After I made it home, I snarfed down a delicious piece of fried chicken (Winco does a pretty good job).

I also discovered last weekend that Roths has some amazing Blue Jay oranges on sale. A couple hours after my fried chicken escapade, I found myself wishing for a million of those amazing oranges. I only had a dollar in my pocket (enough to buy one!) so I drove to Roths just for that one scrumptious orange. So good!

Nom nom

I’ve really been wanting some baby dill pickles, and especially after I clipped a pickle coupon today, I couldn’t stop thinking about pickles! My mouth was literally watering just thinking about them. I’m also a bit of a pickle snob–I will only eat Nalley baby dill pickles. So after work I stopped at Winco (again!) and got myself some pickles. I just really didn’t expect these cravings to be so intense, and so in the moment. As in, right this moment, I would fight someone for a bag of Blue Jay oranges. Mmmmmmm.


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