Ever since this last Sunday when I felt Abrielle move for the first time, I’ve become very greedy. I wish she would kick all the time now. In the midst of the tiredness, back pain, nausea, etc., feeling her move inside my belly is the best feeling and reward. Every kick brings a smile to my face. This morning I gave her a pep talk about moving around more and hubby said, “She’s probably sleeping.” Sleeping? She has plenty of time to sleep. Momma wants to feel some kicking!



It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a?

Up until our recent ultrasound, the concept of “baby” was so surreal. Yes, we had heard the heartbeat, many times. We had a boy and a girl name picked out. I’ve heard with the first baby, time goes very slowly. And sloooowwww it has seemed. Sloooow months of nausea and throwing up. Sloooow months of my belly growing.

When we showed up to check in for our ultrasound, we were right on time. Unfortunately, time continued to go very slowly and we didn’t get into the ultrasound room until 45 minutes after our scheduled appointment. I was so nervous because I had no idea what to expect. Lucky me, our tech had warmed gel to use on my belly and then there was our baby! With a distinct head and a spine. We had a male ultrasound technician, but he was very professional and talked us through everything he was seeing. Pretty soon he said, “Baby is butt down.” Explains why I sometimes feel like I got kicked in the bladder!!

What I didn’t know about ultrasounds is that while some of it is fun, a lot of it is extremely uncomfortable! Perhaps it was because our baby’s legs were so close together it was hard to see the gender. He pushed very hard on my stomach trying to get a good angle. He had me turn onto my right and left side trying to get baby to show us the goods. I felt frustrated that we were having trouble seeing baby’s gender, but I kept praying that God would let us find out today. Finally, the tech stopped and started typing, “This is probably…”

“You ready?” he asked. He finished typing, “…a girl.”

He said he had felt pretty sure for the last 10 minutes but wanted to make sure.

Hubby and I both grinned at each other. People kept asking us what gender we wanted, but what we really wanted was to know who was in my belly. And now we do.

Her name is Abrielle.

A Strange Season

Pregnancy is a strange season in a woman’s life, unless you’re one of those people who “OMG loooooves being pregnant!” <——not me. It’s a season of waiting. And waiting. And wishing time would hurry up. It’s a season where I think to myself, “I hope I don’t throw up today.” It’s a season where your belly expanding and belly button disappearing is a good thing (very counter intuitive.)

It’s a season where I will do strange things for food. Running to the store just for oranges is one thing. Since I’m pregnant, I can justify the fact that all I’ve eaten today is cereal, fruit snacks and a ton of girl scout cookies. The strangest craving yet–broccoli. I’ve always liked broccoli, but I am so desperate for a big bowl of steamed, buttered broccoli, I am about to drive to the store just to get some.