Scared to Death

Many of us have probably seen this circulate through facebook/the web.

At age 4: we think Mom knows everything! At 8: Mom knows a lot! At 12: Mom doesn’t know everything! At 14: Mom doesn’t know anything! At 16: Mom doesn’t exist! At 18: She’s old fashioned. At 25: Maybe Mom does know about this. At 35: Before we decide let’s ask Mom. At 45: I wonder what Mom thinks about this. At 75: I wish I could ask Mom about this.

I feel like I need to make one for myself about feeling ready to be a mother.

At age 6: I’m a great mommy to my baby doll! At 12: I know everything about parenting. I don’t know why everyone is whining. At 16: I would be a better mother than that person. At 25: I feel I’ve forgotten everything I ever thought I knew about parenting.


 I am not joking—around 12-16 years old I really thought I had it together. I was changing my sister’s diapers, cooking dinner, cleaning house, etc. Unfortunately, being a “mother” is about more than that. And suddenly…I’m scared to death.


4 thoughts on “Scared to Death

  1. whyismommygiggling says:

    No one is EVER ready to be a parent! Even the “veteran” parents feel completely overwhelmed sometimes. You’ll be an amazing mommy. It shows because you’re already worrying about your baby!

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