Simple Days

I’ve been rather absent from blogging because I’ve been pretty occupied with the newest member of my family–Abrielle! She turned one month old on Monday.
She sleeps a lot…but not for very many hours at a time.

She likes to sleep on Daddy…

Sometimes she gets very upset and the only thing that helps is being swaddled.

She likes hanging out with Mommy all the time, especially in her sling.

Sometimes she enjoys sitting in her bouncey seat and talking to herself.

These days are simple. Nursing, sleeping, diaper changes, and snuggling.


2 thoughts on “Simple Days

  1. Angela says:

    Awww, I love your little girl! So cute and sweet! I’m glad you’re enjoying the simple things; thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life!

  2. cakeandgreenbeans says:

    Your little gal is beautiful! So dainty and sweet 🙂 I remember when we discovered the magical powers of the swaddle blanket.. that was a very good day. I wish we had tried it sooner! Hope your new-mama days are treating you well!

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