Big Little Girl

I call Abrielle my “big” girl even though she is still very little. 🙂 At a recent doctor appointment she weighed in at 10 lbs 12 oz which is a lot of weight gain considering she started at 6 lbs 1 oz!
At 2 months old, Abrielle:

likes mornings and loves morning playtime

is getting pretty good at holding herself up during tummy time

hates it when I try to change her diaper when she really wanted to nurse

likes lying on her play gym and looking up at her toys

sleeps 4-5 hours for the first part of the night, eats and then we get another 2-3 hours

We are seeing these smiles pretty often now!

Had her first roadtrip in early September

Visited Daddy at his taekwondo tournament

And was generally just too cute for words!





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