5 Things I Love About Pinterest

Some of you may have thought by my last post that I am a “hater,” bashing on Pinterest in contempt. No…just poking a little fun. I thought I should balance it out by mentioning a few things I love about Pinterest.

1) I never have to worry about losing a link. Our computer periodically loses all my bookmarks, and every time I lose that one special recipe that I bookmarked. No more. Pinterest keeps it safe for me.

2) Because ideas are displayed by highlighting one picture image, I find that I am easily attracted to crafts and recipes. I think this is a good thing…

3) I like how I can have as many boards as I want, as well as the recently added “secret boards” category. Web browser bookmarks make doing this more complex.

4) It gives me a chance to get to know my friends better, and to get an idea about what kinds of things they like (the inside scoop on gifting).

5) It’s a great way to gather ideas for party planning or for a project or craft.

This week I will be making a soup that I pinned off a blogger’s website–check it out!

What I’ve Learned From Pinterest

*Please note I write all of this tongue in cheek.


1)      We’ve been doing it all wrong. All of it. We all need to start using the new potato peeling method. Been cleaning your sink like a normal person? Check Pinterest for how to save time.

2)      Everyone I know has such a great fashion sense. Coordinating clothing, clever cardigans and wraps. They’re always pinning stuff on “My Style”. They must just save those pieces for special occasions.

3)      Everyone really wishes they had the motivation to work out. Hence…64 motivation memes on working out.

4)      Most women are craving chocolate at any given time (wait..I already knew that). Pinterest at your service—providing 20 different versions of chocolate cake in a mug.

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Anticipation, Participation, Posticipation

I love the anticipation of Christmas almost as much as the participation. And then…there’s December 26th. Posticipation. After the fact. The Christmas tree is still up…and doesn’t really belong anymore. Suddenly instead of feeling like I’m celebrating the Christmas season, I feel behind. The decor needs to come down. The house needs to be cleaned. I need to find a spot for the fun gifts we received.

So today, I’m catching up. Getting the laundry done. Vacuuming. Trying out my new little green ProHeat Bissell. The next “holiday” is the celebration of the new year.

For me, the start of a new year feels a little like mental spring cleaning. I feel like it’s my chance to let go of whatever disappointments or hurts last year held. I give myself permission to let go of those things and move on. When I was much younger I used to write scads of New Year’s resolutions…most of which fell by the wayside. Now I enjoy setting some loose goals for the year, such as what I’d like to be mentally or spiritually focused on for the year. I’ll be thinking through what 2013’s goals might be this week and share them with you in a few days.

Do you like to set New Year’s resolutions? How do you feel now that Christmas is over?


I seem to be having a blogging brain freeze. I’ll think of something to write about and then come up with a million reasons why I shouldn’t post it. They’ll think I’m being preachy. I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all. No really wants to know about that. They’ve seen enough pictures of my daughter.

But the thing is, I miss it. I love writing and I really miss sharing it. So I’m going to just jump back in and force myself to write more regularly. For me. Because I love it.

I’ll just keep it short today. I really love this time of the year. Generally, Christmas is not a real stressful time for me. My side of the family exchanges gifts at Thanksgiving, which forces me to get an early start on all the Christmas shopping (think September). What that means is that right now I just have one gift left to buy (and I know what it is, just need to pick it up) and I’m enjoying sitting in my warm house looking at my little, tiny Christmas tree. I love the coziness, the sharing time with friends, the special Advent Sundays at church (although I’ve missed the first couple), and especially celebrating this Christmas with the addition of Abrielle.


She Holds My Heart

I wanted to do a “Happy 4 Month” post about Abrielle, but she’s going to be 5 months old in a couple weeks, so it’s a little late for that. My little girl has such a grip on my heart and I so don’t want to forget this special time when she is still so little. Of course, many more fun years lie ahead of us, but this time strikes me as particularly noteworthy.

At the pumpkin patch

At the pumpkin patch

All About Abrielle:

-She has become so interactive–when we’re out in public, she picks a random person out of the crowd to grin at.

-After she smiles at someone, she likes to bury her head in my shoulder and hide.

-She loves standing and can actually stand by herself if I stand her next to a short chair or table.

-We moved her out of our room and into her room to sleep in her crib at night. It has been great! That way I can keep it a little warmer in her room and generally she sleeps from about 10:30pm to 7:30 or 8am.
-She loves playing and jumping in the jumper.
-She rolled over for the first time on November 8th and has done so several times since. She’s not real consistent about it though–I think her cloth diaper gets in the way.
-She enjoys playing with and grasping toys now…especially Baldue the cat. I don’t think Baldue likes her very much, but has so far been very good.
-She has a hard time focusing when she’s nursing now. She stops frequently to look around and smile at me.
-Now she actually seems to enjoy taking a walk out in the stroller. Sadly, the weather prevents much walking.

-She gives her daddy a special smile when he gets home from work.

Standing with Daddy

Standing with Daddy

Hanging with Daddy

Hanging with Daddy

At Cedar's restaurant in Detroit Lake

At Cedar’s restaurant in Detroit Lake

Showing off her sitting by herself skills

Showing off her sitting by herself skills