What I’ve Learned From Pinterest

*Please note I write all of this tongue in cheek.


1)      We’ve been doing it all wrong. All of it. We all need to start using the new potato peeling method. Been cleaning your sink like a normal person? Check Pinterest for how to save time.

2)      Everyone I know has such a great fashion sense. Coordinating clothing, clever cardigans and wraps. They’re always pinning stuff on “My Style”. They must just save those pieces for special occasions.

3)      Everyone really wishes they had the motivation to work out. Hence…64 motivation memes on working out.

4)      Most women are craving chocolate at any given time (wait..I already knew that). Pinterest at your service—providing 20 different versions of chocolate cake in a mug.

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Pinterest

  1. Kristina says:

    I definitely do agree with some of those off the wall things that people pin on there but it can be useful. I have done tons of recipes from pinterest and they turned out well. I guess the people who r on there all the time need to get a life. But it does work : )

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