5 Things I Love About Pinterest

Some of you may have thought by my last post that I am a “hater,” bashing on Pinterest in contempt. No…just poking a little fun. I thought I should balance it out by mentioning a few things I love about Pinterest.

1) I never have to worry about losing a link. Our computer periodically loses all my bookmarks, and every time I lose that one special recipe that I bookmarked. No more. Pinterest keeps it safe for me.

2) Because ideas are displayed by highlighting one picture image, I find that I am easily attracted to crafts and recipes. I think this is a good thing…

3) I like how I can have as many boards as I want, as well as the recently added “secret boards” category. Web browser bookmarks make doing this more complex.

4) It gives me a chance to get to know my friends better, and to get an idea about what kinds of things they like (the inside scoop on gifting).

5) It’s a great way to gather ideas for party planning or for a project or craft.

This week I will be making a soup that I pinned off a blogger’s website–check it out!


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