Packing Up and Moving On

I was going to wait and write a post once we had moved into our new place, but I feel compelled to say something about the place in which we’ve spent the last 4 years. I’ve spent my entire married life in our current apartment! (Entire being: a big whopping 4 years)

Now that I’ve pulled down all the pictures and nails, packed up the cupboards and boxed nearly everything, I’m sitting here feeling like we don’t really have a home right now. We don’t really live here, and we don’t really live in our new apartment yet. It’s a bittersweet move. I’m excited about gaining an extra bedroom and getting to have a washer and dryer IN our apartment. I’m excited about being 1/2 mile from my husband’s job. I’m sad to be leaving this particular neighborhood with the lovely sidewalks. In a way, I feel like we’re leaving Abrielle’s babyhood behind and moving straight into her toddler years. I’m sad thinking of all the great memories we have in our old apartment, but there are a few memories I’ll be relieved to leave behind.

I really detest moving and I’ll be so relieved once it’s over. This last week I’ve been trying to use up what’s in our pantry and refrigerator and we’re basically down to PB&J and cheese and crackers. I’ve been drinking milk out of a mug and craving sugar like nobody’s business.

I would upload a picture of all our packed boxes, but the camera cord is–you guessed it–packed up! So, pictures to come once we get settled into our new apartment.


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