Moving: Hates and Loves

5 Things I Hate About Moving:

1)      Packing. Having to decide how to categorize things and keep them in the right box. Dealing with awkward items (like the 4 large glass bowls I had to pack).

2)      Leaving the good memories behind. Our apartment on Liberty St was our first apartment and I’ll always treasure our memories there. It’s hard to leave that behind.

3)      Cleaning the old place.  Truly, it didn’t take as long as I expected, but it’s still hard to clean a place you’re leaving.

4)      All the details. I felt like I had endless lists going as I made reminders to myself and worked on our change of address.

5)      The stress of wondering if we made the wrong decision to move.


Old apartment right before I started packing

5 Things I Love About Moving:

1)      It’s a chance to dejunk even better. I thought I had gotten rid of all our extra stuff, but something about the thought of packing certain items convinced me to just let them go.

2)      It’s also a chance to “dejunk” the fridge, freezer and pantry. That bag of frozen beans that has long since been freezer burned to death? In the trash, letting it go. Those cans of soup that I HATE? Gone.

3)      The increased decorating potential. In our case, we went from a two bedroom to a three bedroom apartment. I now have the joy of deciding what to do with our enormous bathroom. I’m also excited because we’ve gone from having two  windows to having six windows which means I can decide which ones I’d like to do curtains for. 🙂

4)      It’s a great time to reorganize things. For me this means it’s a chance to start over in the kitchen and make a system that REALLY works for us. I decided to leave the china breakables packed in a box since they’re actually safer there and I’m not using them at the moment.

5)      Letting go of the things I hated in our old apartment. Like the color of the cabinets. Or the way you plug in the drain in the bathroom tub. Or the fact that there was no overhead lighting in the bedrooms.


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