I’m a “do it now” kind of girl. Wanting to finish that scrapbooking but just ran out of rubber cement? It can’t wait til tomorrow (obviously), so I run to the store to buy rubber cement. Sewing project half way through but ran out of thread? Walmart, here I come.

The same is true with packing which is why I have felt ragged for this entire week. Emotionally and physically. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. We submitted an apartment application on May 17th, and got approved the following Thursday. After getting the approval phone call, I went into a flurry of action–packing, making lists, printing checklists off the internet, locating boxes, deciding on a Uhaul, getting rid of more junk. It has been crazy. And I just haven’t stopped. We moved in on Saturday the 8th. I hate putting things off, so instead of resting on Saturday night and Sunday, I basically unpacked most of the boxes.


Our apartment kitchen which I couldn’t resist getting into order

Monday is when it hit me. I have about 7 bruises, a ton of scrapes and when I stand for very long my back muscles feel like they are burning around my spine. Oh, and I’ve had a migraine every day since Saturday. Now it’s Thursday. I forced myself to rest yesterday, even though there are just a couple things left to do. I guess I’m not very good at pacing myself. I finally feel semi-human today. I don’t really have a migraine today. I managed to get to the gym (which does wonders for my emotional well-being). I ate a proper breakfast and lunch and even got in a nap.

How about you? Are you good at pacing yourself or do you tend to just keep pushing yourself along?


2 thoughts on “Ragged

  1. carsonclews says:

    That is an interesting question! Me, personally, I am very, very good at pacing myself. Very good.
    I even took a break in the middle of typing that last sentence, because it was so long.

  2. Elisa says:

    I’m the same way. I tell myself that I will rest in a few days once the house is in order, the laundry is caught up, and all those little things I need to do are accomplished, but that day never comes! I think it partly stems from the fact that my mind is more at ease and I really can rest better in a clean and tidy environment.

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