Building a Foundation

Our pastor says, “You are responsible for how you raise your kids, not for how they turn out.” I like this. I like it a lot. Because sometimes, no matter what you do, your child goes astray. And sometimes, based on how they turned out, you would never guess that two children were raised by the same parents. Heck, it was true even back in the Bible days. Samuel’s sons? Eli’s sons? Talk about disappointment. If you don’t prepare your heart for at least a little bit of that disappointment, you may be in for a horrible shock.

But….while as a parent, I can’t guarantee an outcome, I can try to build a foundation that will give my daughter her best chance at life. I can choose activities and actions that will give her a childhood that will be a comfort to lean on once she’s an adult.

ImageAbrielle is too small for a lot of things right now, but this summer I’m looking forward to: more trips to the park, a trip to the zoo (Abrielle loves animals), visiting Daddy at World Beat, going to the library to play, trying out the splash pad at the park, and of course, all the ordinary things (diaper changing, cleaning banana off the floor, making her take naps, correcting her, keeping her from pulling the cat’s tail).

If you have a child, how are you building their foundation? How about your own childhood?


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