Monday Madness

I don’t like Mondays. In some ways, I know it’s just a trick of the mind–because Monday is no different than any other day and if the calendar didn’t tell me it was Monday, I’m sure I couldn’t tell the difference. (As an aside, anyone else only know what day it is because of the calendar?? If I don’t draw a line through the day once it ends I lose track of the week!).

Inevitably, Monday consists of me playing catch up from the weekend. Laundry, dishes, some grocery shopping. Making some phone calls I couldn’t make on the weekend.

One of my goals for myself is to do something enjoyable on Monday to give me something to look forward to. Today my girls and I making a trip to visit daddy at work and to visit a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.

How’s your Monday going? Do you like Mondays?


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