When I’m Rich

One of the fun mind games I like to play is, “If I was rich, I would…[insert splurge here].” It’s kind of a dangerous game, because what am I calling rich? There’s some quote from John Rockefeller. He was asked, “How much money is enough?” His answer, “Just a little bit more.”

So, take this for the tongue-in-cheek post that it is and enjoy. Add your own “When I’m Rich” splurge at the end.

When I’m Rich…

  • I will buy only foaming handsoap from Bath and Body Works. You seriously can’t beat the scents they use. In my frugalness, I make my own by reusuing old Bath and Body Works foaming soap dispensers. But seriously, generic soap is just NOT the same. Fun parenting tip: always use foaming handsoap dispensers because it keeps oodles of gooey liquid soap from getting everywhere.
  • I will own more than one pair of flipflops. What??? Long story short, I have foot issues. Not the least of which is severe plantar faciitis. So my special flipflops cost $65 a pair. It would be nice to own a few pairs someday. You know, when I’m rich.
  • I will stop buying cheap jewelry and buy stuff that lasts. I’m really not doing myself any favors by getting sucked into the 40% off sale at Fred Meyer and buying a $4 pair of earrings. That pair always becomes my favorite and then the coating starts peeling off. So….yeah.
  • I will buy a sectional sofa with removable, washable covers. Dust mite allergy. Napping potential. Enough said.
  • I will buy delicious, expensive, premium, thick cut bacon. Have you SEEN the price of bacon lately?! But someday, I will buy the good stuff.

So how about you? What’s on your list?


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