Tradition! Tradition!

That’s a shout out for all you “Fiddler On the Roof” fans out there (of which I’m not one haha!). We’re coming into the season of traditions–fall traditions, Thanksgiving traditions, Christmas and winter holiday traditions. I feel like once you become a mom, you realize how completely responsible you are for any traditions that are going to occur. And it’s when you realize something about all those family traditions you enjoyed growing up. You realize that they were WORK for your mom. Or work for somebody (perhaps a father or grandma). Some adult took the time to plan and create a little magic in a format known as a tradition.

It’s a pretty intimidating task if you think about it. Your son or daughter’s childhood memories could very well be based on the traditions you decide to create. My oldest daughter is  three years old this year and I’m definitely feeling the pressure to start some traditions, partly because I feel the fun of any tradition is looking back on it and thinking, “Oh, we’ve ALWAYS done it that way.” As a child, you just enjoyed the tradition, but your mom had to put the work into making it happen! And now I’m the mom.

One of my favorite holiday traditions as a child was our Christmas Eve treasure hunt. Every Christmas Eve “for as long as I can remember,” my mom put together a treasure hunt for me and my sisters. There was always a prize at the end. We’d follow the clues through the house, into the garage, down to the basement and eventually claim the present at the end. One of my favorite years was the Christmas Eve where we each got a new matchbox car at the end. Mine was a purple, sparkly convertible.

Something that helps me feel less overwhelmed is to remember that it doesn’t take a lot to impress a young child. My holiday decorations or traditions don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. A few things we are doing this year so far to create some memories:

Pumpkin patch. This is easy because it’s free on the weekdays and I don’t have to do any work. I will always be keeping my eye out for free holiday events as the end of the year approaches.


Decorating for the seasons and holidays. It’s the first year I’m putting some extra effort into this. It really does help create a festive mood. Dollar Tree and Goodwill are a great resource for inexpensive holiday decor.

Reading seasonal books and watching seasonal movies. Think library and Netflix. Can you tell I’m into free/cheap stuff? This year I’d like to invest in a few special Christmas books. I just haven’t decided which ones yet. Have any favorites? Share below in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Tradition! Tradition!

  1. Stuck says:

    Great post. And true! It isn’t until we have our own families that we realize how important traditions are, and we decide which ones we want to keep, and which new ones to begin.
    One of our traditions is to read A Visit From St. Nicholas (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas) by Clement C. Moore. Years ago, in our extended family tradition, my mother would read it aloud to the grandchildren at the annual party.
    We started our own tradition with that story when our boys were small. Part of the tradition is to have the book in the tree, so the child retrieves it. We have one ‘official’ book, which is a special pop-up version, that goes in the tree. We have a backup if we ever misplace that one.
    And it’s always good to read the Nativity story. 😉

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