3 Tips for Buying Things on Amazon

I’m a total Amazon.com junkie. This year to date, I’ve placed 50 orders. For today’s busy lifestyles, it is often more convenient and cost effective to order items on Amazon. Here’s a short list of tips to give you the best success shopping on Amazon (this is not a sponsored post, I just really love Amazon).

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription. It’s $99 a year which averages out to $8.25/month. That’s probably the same as what you are paying for a Hulu or Netflix subscription, and guess what? Amazon offers a video streaming service with your Prime subscription. The most important thing about a Prime subscription is that it gives you free 2 day shipping and free returns on most items.
  2. Check the reviews and be discerning. I research the price on everything I buy, from toiletries to books to kid toys. Remember that phrase “safety in numbers”? Well, it’s true for reviews too. An item with 132 reviews where 80% are 5 star or above is a much safer bet than an item with four reviews that are all over the place. That being said, don’t let a few bad reviews prevent you from buying an item. Pay attention to what the majority of people are saying. I usually disregard bad reviews that are extremely short, or sound like someone who is a negative type of person. Look more closely at the longer, more descriptive reviews.
  3. Check seller ratings. Sometimes I’m interested in a used item, say a book or music CD and I will look at the other sellers to see what they are charging. It’s a pretty safe bet to use a seller who has a lot of ratings and 95% or more are positive. For example, I just bought a doll for my daughter’s 1st birthday on Amazon. I decided to buy it directly from Amazon as that was the best price ($10.99). However, I could have purchased it from a few other sellers. One of the sellers wanted $17.99 (including shipping), but they only had 82% positive ratings based off of 20 ratings. I don’t like those odds and wouldn’t choose that seller.

Coming soon….a list of the best things to buy on Amazon!


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