Unpacking, Putting Away, Getting Out

After our trip to WA to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving, we got back home last night after running into some unprecedented traffic. The girls did amazingly well. I always love getting back into Oregon. Climate wise, one could say that Washington and Oregon are pretty similar, but Oregon is always my favorite.

IMG_3110I detest packing, and I detest unpacking just slightly less. It is all done though, clothes put away, suitcases back under the bunk bed, mail sorted and opened. After conquering the dishes, Abrielle and I got the happy task of taking down the fall decorations and pulling out all the Christmas decorations. I know a lot of folks have already done this, but I’m a bit of a purist and I like Thanksgiving to have its day before I move forward with Christmas.

One of my favorite childhood memories is decorating the Christmas tree. We always had a real one growing up and I loved getting out the tinsel and the ornaments. My mom always had the delicate, glass ones carefully wrapped and she carefully hung those high on the tree. The less fragile ornaments were bulging out of a produce sack and were lovingly sorted through as my sisters and I grabbed for our favorites to hang them. I’ve always been a hodge podge Christmas tree kind of person, although I have admired many carefully coordinated trees as well. When you look at someone’s hodge podge tree, it represents a piece of that family. First Christmas ornaments, old family pictures, that one year with the salt dough ornaments. IMG_3109

Living in an apartment with space at a premium, our tree is a fake, two foot high tree. It’s tiny and charming and this year, really loaded with ornaments. Abrielle is more aware of this season than ever. She saw some Christmas decorations on some light poles and exclaimed today, “It’s Christmas outside, Mommy!” So here’s to the season!

I would love it if you took a moment to comment below and share how you decorate your tree!


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